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Q: What Is Monstah PAC Network 2018?

A: It is Monstah PAC's fundraising arm of Contributors who become Members who sponsor their friends, family members and contacts who become Contributor Members and sponsor their friends, family members and contacts, and this cycle is repeated on and on....

​​We at Monstah PAC, the progressive SuperPAC, deeply mourn the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United holding that unlimited money can be contributed to Super PACS by corporations and individuals but it is the Law Of the Land (unless and until overturned by a Constitutional Amendment).

A: 'Because you can't just stay on the sidelines!'

To make your voice heard, you need to get up and get yourself off of the sidelines and 'play on the same field' as the conservative billionaire class SuperPACs play, or be prepared to lose every race that is important to YOU.

​​Q:  Why Should You Join Monstah PAC Network 2018?