Climate Change

Every country on Earth (except America), and every scientist on Earth (except a known 3% fringe group), and even the vast majority of Americans (83% of all Americans, 61% of Republicans and 86% of Independents per recent study, New York Times, 31 Jan 15) agree it is a serious problem. But the now-governing Republican majority swept into power in the U.S. Senate, together with the ultra-conservative House of Representative, disagree. The science behind climate change, global warming, and the role played by fossil fuels and adjunct pollutants, accumulating and proliferating over 100 years of heavy global industrialization, are not relevant to this political group. 

Today we have reached a tipping point. 

Climate change denial is a threat to America. Anyone who does not support America’s efforts to address this potential critical domestic and global threat is not fit to serve as an elected federal official.

Monstah PAC will seek to highlight the political positions between candidates on the issue of Climate Change in selected Congressional campaigns.