The New York Times' Letter To Darrell Issa  --  August 25, 2011

We Must Defeat Darrell Issa To Move Forward


  • When his constituents needed him the most, to represent the best interests of not just his District, but the lives and livelihood of tens of millions of Southern Californian’s by demanding either the removal and off-site storage of the most highly nuclear waste contained within the now closed San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, or the use of the best of the world’s current technology available, Mr. Issa has been completely absent.
  • It is no wonder that the citizens of his District have, humorlessly, named the now planned on-site nuclear waste dump after him.  But no joking here, EVERY Southern Californian is facing an existential, and at the very least potentially catastrophic situation at San Onofre with dangerously toxic and volatile nuclear waste stored within feet of Interstate Highway 5 and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Considering his very dark past personal history, his complete and utter lack of engagement with his constituents at home, his well-known hostile and abrasive personality, his ultra-partisan and highly criticized management as past Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, it is no wonder many consider him a sociopath without a conscience, unfit for the duties of Congressman, and perhaps one of the most corrupt Congressmen of modern time.​
  • Visit our YouTube channel and decide for yourself:  You can check out the videos which Monstah PAC produced during the 2014 and 2016Campaign, using a narrated video highlighting many of Mr. Issa's greatest hits of the past few years.