** Other 4 include: The Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Slovakia; Serbia

​​​​Fact #2:

In 2010 it is estimated that there were 49.9 million uninsured individuals in America (16.3% of population). Even with the full and complete implementation of the Affordable Care Act (by 2019) the number of remaining uninsured Americans is estimated at up to 23 million individuals. 

The 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index ranked 37 different EU countries across 48 indicators. Every one of the 37 countries has established universal health care coverage for every citizen. Nearly every one of these 37 countries scored better, often much better, than the USA in the above WHO categories.

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America does not have ‘exceptional’ healthcare. Perhaps decades ago we did, but no longer.

Facts speak for themselves:

Fact #1:

Source: World Health Organization Annual Statistics 2012/2013 (194 reporting countries, grouped by raw scores, number of different countries in same group shown as “+ 3”, country name randomly selected from each grouping)