The number of guns sold in America has increased dramatically and continues to grow annually. In the 2014 FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report the number of felony suspects shot by law enforcement officers was 461, the most in two decades. It is a shocking scandal however, that our federal government does not maintain an all-inclusive database of deadly force incidents involving law enforcement nationwide. Not all states participate in the FBI database, and many small towns do not either, so the number reported is likely much higher.

Body mounted video camera (BMV) technology exists today. BMV is just what it is, a real-time video camera mounted on the law enforcement officer’s body. 

Smart gun technology, beyond authorized user identification that is available today, would further integrate computer chip technology into the officer’s standard issue service weapon, and record gun events (gun pulled, trigger pulled, gun firing, trajectory, time stamp).

In a recent study conducted over 12 months, where one-half of the officers had a BMV and the other half did not, citizen complaints against police declined by 88%, and use of force by police officers dropped by 60%!

Perceived benefits were numerous and substantial:

  • Increased transparency and legitimacy,
  • Improved police officer behavior,
  • Decreased risk of police officer injury as a result of confrontation,
  • Improved citizen behavior,
  • Decreased risk of citizen injury as a result of confrontation,
  • Expedited resolution of complaints and lawsuits,
  • Decreased likelihood of frivolous citizen legal action or untruthful complaints,
  • Decreased likelihood of costly legal action and penalties to municipalities,
  • Improved evidence for arrest and prosecution,
  • Decreased office time devoted to paperwork,
  • Increased likelihood that case ends in guilty plea rather than criminal trial, and
  • Increased opportunities for police training.

Monstah PAC seeks to highlight the political positions of and between candidates on the issues of law enforcement/citizen use of force, those that promote Federal programs to encourage new technologies, and those that support the establishment of an all-inclusive national database of deadly force incidents involving law enforcement nationwide.

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