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$500 enables us to draw more attention to Monstah PAC's campaign by getting Monstah PAC an additional 500 likes on Facebook which would enable us to reach thousands more people.

$1,000 enables us to drive 2,500 more people to our website.

$10,000 allows us to make and air a local TV ad.

$100,000 allows us to make and air 5 local TV ads and  saturate the airwaves  with them.

$500,000 enables us to do that and send out impressive and persuasives mailers.

$1,000,000 enables us to make enough TV and Radio commercials about  Public Safety issues and/or Candidates for Congress we support or oppose to be a pivotal factor in a campaign.

Thank you so much for whatever contribution you choose to make! It will help Monstah PAC to succeed in its campaigns. There is no limit in the amount an individual or entity can contribute to a Super PAC or the number of contributions made by a contributor.  But, because of Federal Election Commission rules we must report all donations by the name of the contributor, their job, and their employer--we cannot keep your donation secret from the Federal Election Commission. So, please be sure to give that information when contributing. Thanks for your support of Monstah PAC!

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