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You will find below documentation made available for you and links you might need regarding Monstah PAC Network 2016:


Monstah PAC proposes 3 different types of events: the "Meet & Greet", the "Growth Opportunity" and the "Training" events.

The "Meet & Greet" is a good way to meet us for the first time, to present you Monstah PAC's purposes and the aim of MP Network 2016, and to bring a person of your own trusted circle of contacts whom you think might be interested in joining us.

The "Growth Opportunity" Monstah PAC meetings (GO Monstah PAC meetings) are held to detail MP's aspirational goals and political objectives and welcome new Members and guests invited to attend by Members. Listen to invited speakers on timely topics and/or take the floor yourself during these meetings as the aim is to go deeper on certain issues or to raise new ideas.

The "Trainings" are useful to present ideas from Monstah PAC leaders designed to assist you to deliver efficient messages when sharing MP Network 2016 with others.  The "Trainings" are held online or in our offices in Oceanside.

We think that social media are essential and can be very helpful in a process of networking, so you can find us on Google Hangouts for our future meetings online (see more)!

Next event: 

June 30th, Carlsbad Library

Have a look to the agenda and register for our next meetings.


Welcome to what we believe will be a highly rewarding experience as a Member of Monstah PAC Network 2016! You are now part of Monstah PAC's extended family Network of Members and YOU play an essential role in this Network. We rely on you to introduce our Network 2016 to your own network of trusted contacts and allow Monstah PAC to help you to interest new Members to join us.

The more Members we have pulling together, the better we are able to reach our mutual aspirations for a better American experience for all of us!

Being part of Monstah PAC Network 2016 means you are involved in an active community which has many things to offer. This network is based upon 3 principles: 


Connection - Meet people like you and become an ambassador of Monstah PAC Network 2016

While joining this network, you will meet different people with the same interests and claims as yours: "to improve my environment and to make this country act for the better". You will be part of a peer group that will work in harmony on future campaigns to make things move in the U.S. You will be able to participate and attend different meetings such as our "Meet and Greet", where you will meet other potential members and bring people you know who might be interested in joining us, or our "Trainings" to deliver an effective message of sharing Monstah PAC Network 2016 with others.

Contribution - Get involved and act for issues that really matter to you

​As a Member of Monstah PAC Network 2016, you have the opportunity to participate in debates through attending our "Growth Opportunity Monstah PAC" meetings ("GO Monstah PAC meetings") which take place by videophone Google Hangouts, or as practicable, through face-to-face meetings in homes and hotel meeting rooms,  where we gather to discuss Monstah PAC Network 2016 in detail and welcome new Members and guests of existing Members as well as discuss issues or raise new ideas. With your contribution as a Member, you can quickly become an active participant that will help us to build a solid and influential Super PAC by: attending our meetings, taking the floor during one, and/or sharing links or your video...Your participation at Monstah PAC Network 2016 GO Monstah PAC meetings will make us stronger and will enable us to succeed in our future campaigns!

Recognition - Make your voice heard

As an active contributor of Monstah PAC Network 2016, we value your motivation, your imput and your contributions. Your financial participation as well as your help in growing our network is essential to spread word of the goals and aspirations of Monstah PAC and we want to let people know about it. We celebrate this with our "Contributor's Recognition Level."  As a Monstah PAC Contributor at the Associate or higher Contributor Recognition Level,  we give you the opportunity to "take the floor" on subjects that matter to you and to make your voice heard by all Members of our Super PAC

​We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you!
Have a great experience in Monstah PAC Network 2016!

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As an involved member of MP Network 2016, we value your contributions:

ASSOCIATE initial individual contributions of $500 or more

CO-FOUNDER total individual contribution of at least $500 or more with 2 or more sponsored ASSOCIATES or higher

DIRECTOR total individual contribution of at least $5,000 or more with 2 or more sponsored FOUNDERS or higher

DIAMOND DIRECTOR total individual contribution of at least $50,000 or more with 2 or more sponsored DIRECTORS or higher

2 STARS DIAMOND DIRECTOR total individual contribution of at least $100,000 or more with 2 or more sponsored DIAMOND DIRECTORS or higher

BLACK DIAMOND DIRECTOR total individual contribution of at least $500,000 or more with 2 or more sponsored 2 STARS DIAMOND DIRECTORS or higher

MON$TAH total individual contribution of at least $1,000,000 or more with 2 or more sponsored BLACK DIAMOND DIRECTORS or higher