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​​​​​Douglas "Doug" Applegate, attorney in private practice and Col. USMC Reserves (ret.) JAG Corps., has announced he is running as a‪#‎DemocraticCandidate‬ for ‪#‎Congress‬ in District CA-49. He is bidding to replace ‪#‎DarrellIssa‬ (R-CA). His Campaign can be reached at campaign@applegateforcongress.com

Gun Safety- July 5, 2015:
Officials: gun safety, locks can prevent tragedy. 
See the article here.

Gun Safety- June 28, 2015:
L.A. council members look to tighten gun safety measures. 
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Healthcare - June 25, 2015:
Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies, President Says ACA 'Is Here to Stay'. 
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Climate Change - June 25, 2015:
Leading Health Experts Call For Fossil Fuel Divestment to Avert Climate Change.
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Healthcare - June 25, 2015:
Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies.
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Gun Safety - June 25, 2015:
Americans Are Googling 'Gun Control' Instead Of 'Gun Shop' Post-Charleston.
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San Onofre- June 24, 2015:
Key group spurns San Onofre deal.
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Gun Safety - June 19, 2015:
Obama: Gun Safety Measures Won't Eliminate Violence, But They Could Save Lives.
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Darrell Issa- June 16, 2015:
Darrell Issa Tried To Crash A Benghazi Committee Deposition. It Did Not Go Well..
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World Peace - June 4, 2015:
Why the US can’t fix the Middle East’s problems, in one quote.
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World Peace - April 20, 2015: 
Lawmakers Tell Colleagues To Stop 'Shirking' Their Duty To Declare War Against ISIS. 
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San Onofre's Nuclear Waste- April 17, 2015: 
Where can we store San Onofre's nuclear waste? California asked to help out. 
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World Peace- April 14, 2015:
The Rachel Maddow Show of April 14 at 9pm deals with the Congress' issue of treating the president Obama's requested authorization for the "ISIL" (ISIS) War.
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Same subject for The Daily Show of Jon Steward, who spent several minutes slamming Congress for shirking its duty to debate the War. See the show here.

San Onofre's Nuclear Waste- April 9, 2015: 

Congressman Issa Uninformed about San Onofre Issues. See the article here.

World Peace - April 9, 2015:

Monstah PAC announced during its "world peace meeting" the launch of a petition online to call on Congress NOW for an honest, lengthy, and highly PUBLIC DEBATE on ALL sides of the issues of War and Peace. It is time to DEBATE AND DECIDE on whether the U.S. should be at War in the Middle East.

Remanufacturing - March 31, 2015: 
​Sen. Peters visits Kentwood to promote remanufacturing.
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Remanufacturing- March 30, 2015: 
​Remanufactured compressors save money and solve problems.
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AEDs - February 27, 2015:

​Monstah PAC's Founder and Treasurer, David Eisenstein, an Attorney Announces Petition for Writ of Cert to US Supreme Court in Verdugo/Target AED Case (see more)​.

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