Big Day up in L.A.

December, 18th  2014

We had our first meeting "Meet and Greet" at the Mastro's Piano Bar Lounge in Beverly. Thanks for having joined us and let's do this again!

Next, we attended a meeting in Beverly area: Great Minds #73 Shut Down Diablowith very special host and guests! Mimi Kennedy, Harvey Wasseman, Linda Seeley and David Crosby among many others were part of this great event. We thank our host for welcoming Monstah PAC and hope to gather in the future to discuss about how to "Shut the Diablo Nuclear Nukes" and to "Win a Nuke-free California"!

Monstah PAC Network 2016

Meet 'N Greet with District 49

June 30 , 2015 at Carlsbad Dove Library, Carlsbad

On Tuesday June 30th, we gathered with neighbors from District 49 to meet Mr. Douglas Applegate, a potential Congressional Candidate, for a Q & A.

We enjoyed meeting you there and hope Mr. Applegate will pursue his goal!

Our Photos