Rising Seas From Global Warming Causing Zika Virus Spread
August 5, 2016--Oceanside, California Monstah PAC Blames Republican Climate Deniers in Congress for Zika Spread; Connects Rising Seas to Imminent Zika Threat in South Florida and Predicts Housing Market Collapse There by 2020s

Monstah PAC, a grass-roots progressive super PAC involved in key 2016 Congressional races, premiered a Zika virus pictoral guide today to its website highlighting the Zika outbreak in South Florida due to mosquitos breeding in the abundant standing water in Miami’s North side, an area with a predominately Black population.   The standing water in the area is due to recurrent flooding due to the rising sea permeating the land under the city which is composed of porous limestone.  

Monstah PAC also released its 14th YouTube video today, “Rising Seas Pose Imminent Threat to South Florida Economy,” accompanied by a video message from the PAC’s Founder and Treasurer, David Eisenstein, in which he blames Congressional Republicans’ obstructionism for several problems threatening our existence, such as gun violence and unabated rising seas caused by global warming.      

The voice-over to the video ominously predicts the collapse of the South Florida economy in the early 2020s due to a predicted moratorium on 30 year mortgage loans and inevitable refusal by insurance companies to insure the homeowners in the area.

Why Darrell Issa just doesn't make sense on the subject of 9/11?

September 9, 2016--Oceanside, California

Darrell Issa thinks 9/11 was just some event that happened in New York.

Issa doesn’t think it was a tragedy. He doesn’t care about the victims or the first responders.

In 2008, Congress was debating a bill to help 9/11 first responders who were dealing from health problems stemming from that attack.

Darrell Issa fought against that bill.

Not only did he fight against it,
 he said the following:

  • The government "’just threw' buckets of cash at New York for an attack that had no dirty bomb in it, it had no chemical munitions in it “
  • ”It simply was an aircraft, residue of two aircraft, and residue from the materials used to build this building…
  • "I have to ask…why the firefighters who went there and everybody in the city of New York needs to come to the federal government for the dollars versus this being primarily a state consideration."

While he was questioning why first responders should get federal aid for the worst terrorist attack on US soil, he had the audacity to siphon federal money for himself. 

During that same year, Darrell Issa was taking federal money to line his own pockets.

The New York Times wrote a great article detailing his conflicts of interest.

One example they bring up is his medical plaza. Before he bought it in 2008, he used his power to earmark almost $1 million in improvements around the plaza (and he tried to get even more). Once he got the federal money, he bought the plaza. After the improvements, the plaza’s value increased by 60%.

This is what Darrell Issa believes: Taxpayer money that goes to him is money well spent. But money that helps 9/11 victims is a waste.

Is this the man we want representing us? How can we tell our children, or tell ourselves, that America is the greatest nation on Earth while we have leaders like Issa?

America is as great as it is because we can get rid of people like Issa and elect someone who shares our values.

We must get rid of Darrell Issa. 18 years has been too long. But we need your help.

We have to get this message out to as many voters as possible before November. Issa is the richest congressman in the country and is massively outspending his opponent. With your help, we can buy TV spots, produce high quality videos, and broadcast the facts that Issa wants buried.

​Monstah PAC's Founder and Treasurer, David Eisenstein, an Attorney Announces Petition for Writ of Cert to US Supreme Court in Verdugo/Target AED Case
February 27, 2015--Santa Monica, California

[Editor's note:
East County Magazine, October 10, 2015 (Sacramento) - Senate Bill 287, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Safety Act, has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.  The bill was authored by State Senator Ben Hueso, a Democrat representing San Diego and southern portions of East County.
The new law will require that buildings constructed after January 2017 with occupancy of 200 or more, must install an Automated External Defibrillator or AED onsite. ...
David Eisenstein recently received confirmation that it was Mary Ann's case which inspired the new law, when David Sforza, aide to California State Sen. Ben Hueso, wrote him: "We wrote this bill in response to Mary Ann's case.  I updated my boss on its holding and he made me aware that when he was President of the San Diego City Council one of his colleagues wrote and successfully passed an ordinance requiring an AED in large occupancy buildings.  We modeled this law after the San Diego ordinance"---David Sforza, aide to Sen. Ben Hueso]

[Editor's Note: The Petition for Writ of Certiorari, like most such Petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court, was denied in May, 2015--but Congress can further this effort with action of its own on this monumental health and safety issue.]

Monstah PAC a Super PAC registered with the Federal Election Commission announced today that its Founder and Treasurer, David Griffith Eisenstein has prepared a Petition for Writ of Certiorari appealing the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Verdugo v. Target, asking the highest court in the land to overturn the December 5th ruling by the Ninth Circuit. That ruling denied Eisenstein's Request for Rehearing En Banc regarding the Ninth Circuit's failure to grant a jury trial to his clients against Target Stores for its alleged policy of refusing to have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on hand in the case of a customer's (or employee's) being stricken by a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) even though Target had actively sold and promoted such devices online for a price of $1,200.  

Eisenstein's appeal to the Supreme Court falls under the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing a right to a jury trial in civil cases brought in federal court, Rosemary Verdugo and Michael Verdugo, the mother and brother respectively of Mary Ann Verdugo, a 49 year old developmentally disabled who fell over backwords as she was suffering from an SCA. Paramedics did not arrive at her side for more than 15 minutes with an AED.  Studies have shown that a victim of an SCA has 4-5 minutes to be revived by an SCA before they cannot be revived. Studies have also shown that with CPR and an AED, an SCA victim outside of a hospital setting stands a 60-70% probability of survival.  

In his brief in support of his Petition for Writ of Certiorari Eisenstein cites 91 Year Old Ninth Circuit Judge Harry Pregerson who filed a dissent supporting his opinion that it was the duty of Target to have an AED at Its big box Superstores like the one in Pico Rivera, California which was near the Los Angeles area home where Mary Ann, Rosemary and Michael resided together: Judge Pregerson supported the Verdugos' right to have a jury trial over the issue that Target Stores' policy to refuse to have an AED onsite for when its customer was stricken by an SCA even though it sold and promoted the devices on their online retail website, made Target responsible civilly to the Verdugo family.

In his Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court, Eisenstein frames the issue of why the case is one of national importance by saying:

"This is a case of great national importance with the health and lives of millions of Americans hanging in the balance. The proliferation of AEDs is absolutely necessary to save the lives of up to 360,000 Americans per year. Unless this Court acts, hundreds of thousands of lives per year will be in jeopardy."

Monstah PAC has included the proliferation of AEDs installed in big box stores like Targets and Walmarts as part of its 6 point Platform of issues on its website at www.monstahpac.com and will be celebrating the Launch of its Monstah PAC Network 2016 at Magicopolis on Fourth Street in Santa Monica, California on Saturday February 28th from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM, with Eisenstein's Petition to the Supreme Court to be a central part of that event. Eisenstein is expected to speak on the subject of the Verdugo case, AEDs, and his Petition to the Supreme Court at approximately 6:00 PM.

​Monstah PAC Seeks Volunteers for its Campaign to Defeat Darrell Issa (R-CA)
September 19, 2014--Carlsbad, California

Monstah PAC wants your body---well, er...uh...your mind too.  The upstart progressive Super PAC needs to staff its office with volunteers in San Diego's North County to help it Defeat Darrell Issa (R-CA) who is running for re-election in California's 49th Congressional District, according to its spokesperson and Treasurer, David Eisenstein, speaking from his Carlsbad, California offices.  According to Mr. Eisenstein, those interested can sign up as volunteers by going to the Monstah PAC website at http://www.monstahpac.com and submitting the form located there.  Eisenstein promises, "a California cool place to gather with a stunning ocean view and a nice breeze which all who volunteer can experience from the ample Monstah PAC balcony.  Those who might be interested can get a feel for our Campaign by checking out our Facebook page at
https://www.facebook.com/monstahpac."  The General Election is held on the first Tuesday in November, November 4th.  Many voters in California vote by mail and have received their official Election ballot already.
Our leaders ignore the dangers we face
July 4, 2015--Encinitas, California by David S. Golman (The SD Union Tribune:
http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/jul/04/union-tribune-letters-to-the-editor-for-july-5/) in response to Darrell Issa's article on June 13, 2015 (http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/jun/13/yucca-mountain-best-solution-to-nuclear-waste/)

​Regarding “Yucca Mountain best nuclear waste storage strategy” (June 14): Mr. Issa’s hyperpartisan editorial mentions “Yucca” 11 times, “Reid” five times, “Obama” four times, and fails to report on new gridlock-busting legislation in Washington (e.g., “The Nuclear Waste Administration Act of 2015,” (S 854)).

Yucca Mountain as a permanent repository is long dead.
Not discussed was recent NRC approval to pack 3.6 million pounds of radioactive waste into thin-walled (5/8 inch) steel casks, inside vented concrete vaults, buried into the San Onofre sand/sandstone. Casks expected to last about 20 years, with NRC defining “short-term” SONGS storage as 60 years; no planning for cask failures; minimum evacuation zone is 10 miles, downwind 50 miles; months, years or never to return home.

The 49th District needs leadership, not rhetoric.

​​​​Monstah PAC Announces Its Campaign Against Congressman Issa (R-CA) to Feature Youtube Video Denouncing Him As a Key to Another Government Shutdown

October 27, 2014 --Oceanside, California

Monstah PAC announced today the launch of its new attack video against Darrell Issa claiming he played a pivotal role in the last Republican shutdown vote and asserting he will likely do so again post-November 4th if he is reelected.  According to Standards & Poor's, the last Government shutdown has cost the United States economy at least $24 billion, including dealing a blow to the most vulnerable citizens regarding medical care and financial support for members of the military.  The video has been posted on-line by Monstah PAC at
Monstah PAC'S Press Releases
​During this Time of the"Great Wealth Gap" Many Argue that Darrell Issa Prefers to Serve his Own Interests
October 20, 2014--Oceanside, California

With an over $.5 Billion net worth,
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rcb1SNL7gJA, which doubled during one year as the elected Representative of California Congressional District 49, it makes Darrell Issa the wealthiest member of Congress.  It also makes him the most self-focused and suspicious “public servant.”  Will District 49 voters think he would fight and vote for their best interests, or will they...retire Darrel Issa on November 4th?
​Sociopath Or Not? Darrell Issa's Conduct is Reviewed by Monstah PAC, a Federal Election Commission Super PAC 
October 31, 2014--Oceanside, California

In a Youtube video launched today by Monstah PAC, its conclusions based on its recent investigation of Darrell Issa included a stunning charge: Darrell Issa may be a sociopath.  The investigation by Monstah PAC revealed in the new video, 
www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6NuASVbLM8, that Darrell Issa's actions during his adult years including his years in Congress has raised that astounding possibility.  A sociopath is defined as a person who has an "antisocial personality disorder." Regarding Issa's past actions, the sync/match with the definition of that disorder includes recurrent issues with the Law, persistent lies, lack of empathy, abusive relationships, hostility…  All are tendencies showing that the Congressman occupies an unusual place in society from which he can abuse, bully and/or intimidate people to achieve his own political, perhaps even psychosocial ends. David Eisenstein, Treasure of Monstah PAC says "It will only get worse if Issa is reelected as Representative of California Congressional District 49 on November 4th."   Eisenstein continues, "Mr. Issa, through his highly partisan actions and questionable tactics as chairman of one of the most visible and powerful committees of Congress has demonstrated time after time that he does not represent the interests of the 49th District, let alone the American people.  He must be defeated on November 4th." Due to the large registration edge held by Republicans in the 49th District of California, the defeat of Mr. Issa as called for by Mr. Eisenstein and Monstah PAC would be a major upset.
91 Year Old Ninth Circuit Judge Supports Duty of Target to have AED at Its Big Box Stores: Monstah PAC Announces its Support for Allowing Trial Over Issue of Target Store’s Failure to have AED Onsite When Customer Died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest
November 12, 2014--Oceanside, California

Monstah PAC a Federal Election Commission registered Super PAC announced today that it supports the proliferation of Automatic External Defibrillators throughout the US.

​Monstah PAC announced today that David G. Eisenstein, the Treasurer of Monstah PAC, acting in his capacity as the attorney for the mother and brother of Mary Ann Verdugo, the developmentally challenged 49 year old who died of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest inside a big box Target store in the Pico Rivera area of Los Angeles while shopping there with her mother Rosemary and brother Michael in 2008, has filed a Petition to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals asking for a Rehearing En Banc of a three Judge Panel’s October 28, 2014 decision to affirm the District Court’s dismissal of the case without trial.  The Ninth Circuit’s three judge Panel based its decision to affirm the lower federal court based upon a June 24, 2014 Opinion of the California Supreme Court  that  Mary Ann’s death from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest was not foreseeable by Target and so it was not required to have an automatic external defibrillator (AED) at its store.
Mr. Eisenstein, in his Petition filed on Tuesday on behalf of the Verdugos stated that he filed it “because of the extreme and exceptional importance of the federal and state issues involved in this case as well as the literally life or death impact this Court’s decision on Rehearing could have on thousands of people affected by it.”  Verdugo v. Target Corp., Case No. 10-57008.  Eisenstein, in his electronically filed Petition filed through the Court’s web-based ECF system, quoted from the Separate Opinion filed by Ninth Circuit Judge Harry Pregerson which accompanied the Opinion of the other two members of the Panel in their decision dismissing the case without a trial after the case had been in the state and federal courts for over four years.  Judge Pregerson, who is 91 years old, stated at that time:
​“There is good reason for big box stores like Target to be equipped with AEDs: they save lives. The high percentage of death due to sudden cardiac arrest can be reduced by the quick use of a defibrillator. When ‘CPR and AEDs are used within three to five minutes from the onset of collapse, the survival rate of a sudden cardiac arrest victim is as high as 50 to 70 percent.’”Attorney Eisenstein went on to quote Judge Pregerson’s  Separate Opinion further in the Petition he filed on Tuesday, stating:
​“Big box stores in particular should be required to equip their stores with AEDs. The sheer size of these stores increases the time for paramedics to reach a sudden cardiac arrest victim, making quick access to an AED of paramount importance. Mary Ann Verdugo died in the Pico Rivera Target store in part because the paramedics could not get to her inside the store in time to administer an AED. It is obvious why paramedics would have a hard time getting to the Target location and navigating inside the store within the five minute timee window…”