Photo by Luke Jones


Consider these very real circumstances: the nuclear facility is on oneside, literally next to Interstate Highway 5 (with over 300,000 one-way crossings per day, I-5 is the major connection between Los Angeles/Orange County and San Diego County) and on the other, the Pacific Ocean, just yards away. Incredibly, the ground is sand and sandstone, more than one known earthquake fault lies below the facility, and it is a designated tsunami zone. The current approved plan is based on ‘best-case’ scenario planning:earthquakes, ground shifts, tsunamis, and flooding, are not considered. And just as unbelievable, the current plan assumes that within 20 – 25 years (the life span of the steel containers!) the Federal government will have designated and completed permanent nuclear waste storage facilities where the waste will then be relocated. Wow!  

Best-case scenario planning, accompanied by the cheapest cut and run ‘no’ long term responsibility vendor bids and, wishful future assumptions: No. No, No. Monstah PAC's position is this: 1) step up and use the VERY BEST in on-site storage containment systems, or 2) if the waste is going to be handled now to store in temporary on-site containers, the waste could just the same be placed in available certified transport containers and taken to another ‘temporary’ location under proper Federal control, such a location would almost certainly be in a less dangerous and disastrous location than San Onofre. 

This same philosophy should apply to every nuclear power generating plant in America that is soon to be decommissioned. As individual citizens we should not have to defend ourselves from this kind of negligent corporate/government behavior.

The utility corporations are moving forward with their shortsighted plans. Monstah PAC intends to be a voice in opposition, demanding our elected officials, from both parties, and in particular Darrell Issa, in whose district San Onofre is located, to step up and represent their constituents, and force the stakeholders back to the table. We need your support to make this happen in the next few months!

We look to support candidates who support policies that favor safe nuclear waste disposal, temporary or permanent, away from clear and obvious high risk environments (oceans, cities, and major transportation corridors).

San Onofre's Nuclear Wastes