Stop fighting in the Middle East, start thinking PEACE

And the fight goes on: In February of this year, 2015, the Obama Administration informed lawmakers that President Obama is seeking a formal authorization to fight the Islamic State - known also as ISIS - that would prohibit the use of "enduring offensive ground forces" and limit engagement to three years, so that the next president would have to come back to Congress for a new approval. The resolution also requests authority to wage battle beyond the fight against the Islamic State to include “associated forces” and would contain no geographic limitations, thereby creating tension among lawmakers expressing their concern of another open-ended conflict.
The last time Congress voted to give a President formal authority to conduct a military operation was in 2002, when former president George W. Bush wanted to strike Iraq. The new request from current president Barack Obama would repeal that authorization, "but it would leave in place the broad authority to counter terrorism that Congress granted Mr. Bush in 2001 after the Sept. 11 attacks, which many Democrats now believe is being interpreted too broadly to justify military actions that were never intended." (The New York Times, by J. W. Peters, Feb. 10, 2015)
Despite those facts, it seems that war against terrorists is not close to ending. But where did it lead us? More than 7,000 American military lives were lost in the Middle East these past 14 years, and the situation has not changed. To the contrary, it got worse. ISIS's power is growing and keeps enrolling people in its folly. “This is an utterly misbegotten war against an enemy that has more urgent targets than America, but a war which will nonetheless fire-up the already boiling cauldron of Middle Eastern tribal, religious and political conflict like never before." (David Stockman, Sep 24, 2014)
Yes, of course history has shown us time and time again that it is damn foolish to counter the Middle East’s problems by American military force. It’s time for the Middle East to resolve its own problems, without further American intervention. Hell no, not on our generation’s watch! It is time to end this “endless” conflict by taking a strong position against it and withdrawing all American military and materiel from the Middle East!

In Iran, we need to split with Israel on the issue of a Diplomatic solution

Shame on Congress for allowing a foreign head of State in the heat of his battle to seek re-election in Israel to come to America‘s Capitol and say anything he had to say in front of his Congressional patsies to get re-elected… followed up when he got home to Israel by his other great hits, such as saying his loyal followers must counter the “Arab-Israeli” vote. Was this shameful and racist, yes—but his hate talk resulted in his successfully holding onto the presidency. 

The Republican controlled Congress significantly contributed to this tawdry exercise by trying to tarnish the American presidency (and the American President) by importing Mr. Netanyahu’s stump speech.  But, in addition to this juvenile display at the highest of levels in Washington there is this more important issue to face--we have been dealing too long with Iran's nuclear power issue. It has been a very long time since Iran disclosed its intentions to produce nuclear energy. The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China — plus Germany - have always been reluctant to accept this idea, for fear of a potential militarizing of the nuclear capabilities being nurtured in that Country. 

But this 12-year impasse is almost about to end. In November 2013, a preliminary agreement was signed in Geneva and since that day, the member Nations diplomacy has been aimed at negotiating to try to restrain Iran's nuclear power, to reduce the chance of a nuclear arms race and to avoid a nuclear war in the Middle East.
Since March, 2015, the USA, and the other five Nations mentioned and Iran have resumed their discussions about the Iranian nuclear program to come up with a final agreement that would allow Iran to access  its right of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only. But the negotiations are still far from being that simple. President Obama estimates a 50% chance of achieving an Agreement. And, they didn't count on the Senate Republicans’ condescending letter to Tehran on March 9, 2015 in which they warned the Iranian government that an agreement on the nuclear without Congressional approval would not necessarily be respected or could be modified by future Presidents and Congress. The letter, which knowingly sought to provoke the wrath of Mr. Obama, has been a serious distraction since the first day of this last round of negotiations, and may complicate the chances to come to a win-win agreement. The Iranian government may require guarantees, notably regarding the lifting of sanctions.
This letter was a warning addressed both to the Iranians and, we can imply, and a “blind copy” to the President and his political party, and shows a real determination to sabotage these negotiations, which doesn't favor international harmony. However, what a relief it would be after all these years of negotiation and tension. We need to come up with this Agreement to favor world peace and relax the war talk, and the tensions over protracted negotiations at home and in the Middle East.

Monstah PAC is urging all Americans and particularly present and future Congressmen to deal with the important issue of "world peace.”We look to support candidates for Congress who stand for global harmony and who will clarify our position in the Middle East, to affirmatively seek PEACE worldwide.  We will oppose those who do not. 

Congress MUST Debate President Obama's Requested Authorization for the ISIS War 

It is time for all Americans to make our voices heard and call on Congress NOW for an honest, lengthy, and highly PUBLIC DEBATE on ALL sides of the issues of War and Peace.  As American citizens, our direct Representatives are the Members of Congress. Under the U.S. Constitution, it is the responsibility of the U.S. CONGRESS to declare War, NOT the President. We must PETITION CONGRESS to remind them of their solemn duty in this regard, to DEBATE AND DECIDE on whether the U.S. should be at War in the Middle East.

Stand up for the U.S. Constitution and force Congress to face the issues of War and Peace - as well as  their CONSTITUENTS in their States and Districts.

World Peace