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San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Now a Nuclear Waste Dump

Photo by Luke Jones

Consider these very real circumstances: the nuclear facility is on oneside, literally next to Interstate Highway 5 (with over 300,000 one-way crossings per day, I-5 is the major connection between Los Angeles/Orange County and San Diego County) and on the other, the Pacific Ocean, just yards away. Incredibly, the ground is sand and sandstone, more than one known earthquake fault lies below the facility, and it is a designated tsunami zone. The current approved plan is based on ‘best-case’ scenario planning:earthquakes, ground shifts, tsunamis, and flooding, are not considered. And just as unbelievable, the current plan assumes that within 20 – 25 years (the life span of the steel containers!) the Federal government will have designated and completed permanent nuclear waste storage facilities where the waste will then be relocated. Wow!...continue  

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