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Population on Earth is increasing daily and our needs rise proportionately. In a few years - a very few - our needs will largely exceed the available natural resources, and yet we are encouraged to consume more and more.  It is urgent, that Americans as major global consumers, and as global citizens do something about it, and embrace the next generation of Recycling, through Remanufacturing!

You may be familiar with Recycling but have you heard about Remanufacturing? It can be defined as a type of recycling, which allows us to re-use part of, or whole products in their end-of-life, as components to create new ones or to restore or even improve the original item. Many of us are familiar with remanufactured car engines, starters, transmissions... But what if every product we use and consume was considered for remanufacture. The savings in raw material, energy costs, and product costs are substantial.

The aim is to move from the linear economic model - extract, produce, consume, through away - to the circular economic model, an approach based on resources savings. In other terms, we have imagined a way to delay the end-of-life of a product and reduce as far as possible the loss of materiel.

In a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group (ASPRG) and the All-Party Manufacturing Group (APMG), it lays out more than 20 recommendations to UK Government and Industry regarding the "future of manufacturing inextricably linked to environmental sustainability" and the potential of Remanufacturing: besides the "potential for restoring parts and products", Remanufacturing "provides opportunities for improving national resource resilience" and for improving economic growth as well as "the creation of thousands of skilled jobs" (Caroline Spelman, former Environment Secretary in U.K.).

The concept is already being done by certain car manufacturers and heavy equipment manufacturers (such as Caterpillar) and The Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is "internationally recognized as the foremost applied R&D center for product life."

We will look to support candidates who campaign in favor of developing the remanufacturing industry across the country to provide a greater opportunity for the American Economy and to better serve Mother Nature through sustainable development.



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